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served so perfectly in amber that they appear to have been prepared for di▓splay in a lab

oratory, the cells were found together with what researchers say are the onl▓y known fossils of a type of parasite that still exists

▓today, Babesia microti, which infect▓s the

th in Washington

blood cells of humans

and other animals.Two small holes in the back of a blood-engor▓ged tick, which

allowed blood to ooze out just as the tick became stuck in tree sap

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that later fossilized ▓in

to amber, provide a brief glimpse of lif▓e in a tropical jungle millions of years

ago."The▓se two tiny holes indicate that somet▓hing picked a tick off the mammal it was

feeding on, puncturing it in the process and dropping it immediately into tree sap," said George Poinar, Jr

., professor emeritus in the Coll▓ege of Science at Oregon State Unive▓r


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sity (OSU)."This would be consistent with the▓ grooming behavior of monke

ys that we know lived at that time in this region," said Poinar, author of the study and a

n international expert on plant and animal▓ life forms found preserved in amber."The fossilized blood cells, infected with these parasites, ar▓e simply amazing in their detail."The fossil parasites add to the history of the Order Piroplasmida, o?/p>

坒 which the Babesiidae is one family.In humans, the ▓parasite B. microti can cause babesiosis▓, a disease with symptoms that resemble malaria and can be▓ fatal.A related parasi

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story and evolution of diseases we still struggle w▓ith today," Poinar said in a news release from OSU.

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